Need coal and smokeless fuel to sell at your business?

Wesley Nicholls Ltd are based in Sheffield and have been supplying businesses with handy sized coal and smokeless fuel bags for years. We can supply coal, smokeless fuel, kindling and logs to shops, petrol stations and garden centres. If you think your business and your customers could benefit from our products, call us today for more information.

You can rely on us as your local fuel supplier

As a customer, have you ever needed coal and fuel and not able to get any anywhere? That could potentially be your customer! Drawing customers to your business is vital, and if you can supply a wide selection of goods, chances are, they won’t shop anywhere else.

Our products include:

• House coal 10kg and 20kg

• Smokeless fuel 10kg

• 4ltr, pre-pac highest quality paraffin

• Handy size nets of kindling and logs

Pre-packed solid fuel

We are in a position to supply your business with pre-packed solid fuel which is packed in handy size bags making it easy for your customers' to carry. Our products are of a high-quality and value for money and we’re certain that you will have plenty of sales.

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