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Coal bunkers

Harlequin coal bunkers are tough, durable and lightweight and provide compact and weatherproof storage for your smokeless fuel or house coal. We sell two sizes of Harlequin coal bunkers, 300kg and 150kg. They been designed to store and access coal or other solid fuels and can accommodate approximately either 6 x 50kg bags or 3 x 50kg bags.


We sell coal bunkers.

Chimney Sweeps

Fire/fireside spares/parts/companion

sets/coal buckets etc.

R.W. Boler, 3-5 Loxley Road, Malin Bridge. Sheffield. S6 4TD

0114 234 5106


Oakbrook chimney services 0800 779 7030 - www.oakbrookchimneyservices.co.uk

services-and-help-hero2 Solid fuel advice SFA-Logo_Hi_Res

Solid Fuel Association

For free and impartial advice from the experts.

Telephone 01773 835400 or 0845 6014406


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